Obsidian Ammonia specializes in direct-to-athlete product sponsorship for events of any size, ranging from backyard deadlift parties to massive cash meets.

We believe this approach helps add significant value to events on all levels and  allows us to sponsor 50+ events across Canada and the US each year with a tremendous response from organizers and athletes alike.


The 2022 chalk bowl kit includes THREE (3) bottles of smelling salts ranging in potency, ONE (1) bottle of Party Powder™ deadlift lubricant, TWO (2) over-sized gift cards and a stack of $10 coupons for all athletes and volunteers.


$50 Best Lifter Gift Cards
$10 Coupons for all Athletes/Volunteers
Smelling Salts & Deadlift Powder
Social Media Promotion

Requires 2-4 weeks for delivery. Digital gift cards available for short-notice events.


$100 Best Lifter Gift Cards
Smelling Salts for all Athletes/Volunteers*
Smelling Salts & Deadlift Powder
Social Media Promotion

Requires 8-12 weeks for delivery. Custom label options available for high-profile events!


Unfortunately the current constraints of space and time prevent us from setting up shop at every meet we sponsor.

So, if you happen to run a merch table during events and would like to offer salts for purchase on-site, please contact us to discuss our wholesale options!

Small retail stock packs available!

Event sponsorship is not guaranteed and subject to product availability. Standard lead time apply for all wholesale orders. Please allow 24-48 hours for review.

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